Friday, May 30, 2014

The American Taliban Strike Again

I hate this kind of puritanism so much. Of course the girls are the only ones targeted because ALL the boys dressed 'appropriately'. I love the 'non-apology apology' that the Superintendent gave claiming that there was a sign that several people remember seeing.  If there was such a problem with these scandalous photos then why not give the girls a chance to replace the 'offending' picture before the yearbook went to publication? I believe that wasn't considered because this whole yearbook incident was intended to shame those girls who didn't reach the standards of dress that the school thought was proper. What a load of horseshit. Girls are allowed to have bare arms I thought. Isn't that the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Of course this happened in UTAH where my most favorite religious sect has the majority of their members but I would hate to think that some group of old men from some goony belief system (and you know no women had anything to say about this) poured over pictures of young girls (as they are apt to do) and chose only the most slutty ones to be photo retouched. These are the same guys that complain that a girl in a short prom dress has to go home because she is stirring something in their pants - she is making the Fathers feel uncomfortable.

Of course my answer to them and to the Taliban is fuck you all. Stop being mad at a culture you had a hand in creating. Stop trying to fix everything with one grand gesture thinking it will make you look like you care about the students when it's clear you only care about making your tired point. Stop slut-shaming your girls or they really will become what you fear the most.

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