Friday, February 28, 2014

Thanks For The Tip, Ranger Smith

And is it really all that safe for me to be walking around, smelling of western burgers, where the Leopards can hunt freely? And I am less of a chore to take down than an antelope or a gnu. I feel tricked by the zoo staff.

Sweet Hattie Watson


Who I also think would make one hell of a Batgirl.


New To The Collection Of Cool

I joined a group of fellow toy and action figure 'enthusiasts' on Facebook mostly to discover what gems may be on sale. Of course you know that since American has ten times our Canadian population they have greater access to these older collectibles in the kind of condition that my collection demands. Just the place to find a bargain. So when I saw this pop up at only 65 dollars SHIPPED, I had to jump at it. Usually it's the freaking postal rates from the US that makes me turn down many a good deal. But this one made sense since I have been looking for cool 80s pieces such as this Super Powers lunchbox to add to my collection.

The characters are still colorful and cover the entire lunchbox. Both the front lid and back have embossed titles and characters.

There is very little rust outside or inside the metal container. The thermos is a bit faded but I am impressed I got one WITH the thermos included.

This is a solid piece in great shape after nearly 30 years. I feel like I paid a fair price for a collectible and liked how easy a transaction that it was. I keep scanning that group in case somewhere, sometime, someone may put an Oscar Goldman with Exploding Briefcase up for a quick sale.

Are You Freakin' Kidding Me?

A great beard is a thing of beauty. But some people, especially patchy-bearded hipsters in New York, are taking this "trend" to the next level — by getting beard transplants.

I think growing a beard is something everyone needs to do once in his life. And I don't mean a playoff hockey beard. I am talking about something you have grown and maintains over at least 8 seasons. You don't have to go full scruffy and you can trim for effect but you need something better than this 'stubble'.

You all know I loves me some George Clooney but I think this beard is a cop-out and any TRUE beard enthusiast would call it a 'starter beard."

More and more New Yorkers are willing to pay a pretty penny for a big, beautiful beard, according to local plastic surgeons. Follicly-challenged hipsters from Williamsburg to Park Slope are dropping thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to boost their beard game and blend in with their neighbors. These facial hair transplants can cost from $3,000 for a fill-in of sections to $7,000 for a full beard. Apparently, many of them ask to look like George Clooney:
This sucks for me. I can't complete with medical enhancements. I can only grow what I have developed all my life. Good things I make the bald head and the scruffy beard look GOOD.
Please no Calvin vs Clooney comparisons.
I realize he is a GOD and I a slug in his garden, in Tuscany.

Evel Knievel


I have highlighted this as my favorite toy of all time. I mentioned before that my father knew a great toy when he saw one and one Christmas I got everything - the figure with bike, the 'Stunt Stadium', the 'Scramble Van' and the 'Jet Bike'. We didn't have enough room in the house to really let the bike do the tricks it could so we packed up everything and took it to the base where a huge empty hanger became our staging area. We spent hours that Christmas setting up the coolest jumps and everyone who saw us had to participate in the activity, lending their two cents to our playtime. Fuck my Dad was awesome. The bike itself was practically indestructible and I am sure that Evel's suit was fire proof because we tested its ability to resist flame with a massive ring of fire. Its times like this (when I know my reissue of the toy is sitting downstairs in the Cave of Cool) that I regret not having children of my own. Seeing these terrific images at 'Yesterville Toy Room' I had to post them here for me to enjoy. After all it is the 'Cave of Cool' and these are totally cool.

In the 1970s, Evel Knievel was a phenomenon that's difficult to describe to those that weren't "of age" in that decade. Evel was almost like a living super hero. In the eyes of a child, a man that would try to jump the Grand Canyon (it was the Snake River but we didn't know any better) in a rocket, seemed capable of ANY feat. Evel was a merchandising phenomenon, as well. There were Evel posters, t-shirts, toothbrushes, drinking straws, model kits, lunch boxes...the list goes on and on. However, to kids, it was the toys that mattered most. In 1973, the Ideal Toy company started producing the line of Evel Knievel toys that would become almost legendary in the minds of so many adults today.

I found pictures of this amazing Evel collection.
Now that is a fan.


Vikings Returns For Season Two

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