Monday, February 24, 2014

I Just Have No Idea How To Teach English As A Second Language

After next week I will have four or five guys that need help with English reading and writing. Unfortunately I know nothing on the subject and am so unsure even where to begin. These guys have weak language skills in reading and writing. They are proud so I have to be careful with how I approach them. I need a Spanish English dictionary to begin with. That may help a lot.

Maybe a large children's illustrated dictionary with a lot of pictures to build vocabulary? I did some research but I never feel like it's going to be enough. At least I have another week before I have to do my first tutoring class with them. I know I first have to do some assessment of their various strengths and weaknesses with the use of English.

Maybe start with the 20 questions and work on simple paragraph based on the answers. Each time we try to make the paragraph more complex and interesting. Refine the process as it were with multiple practice.

Creating an autobiography is something that would be a high interest activity because people love to talk about their lives.

Then can work on all the sentences and practice various vocabulary while they work through the questions and create 20 paragraphs about themselves. Plus family members can work with their relatives to put together a better autobiography. Maybe have them make a poster and include pictures from their lives. Is that too much? I am the master at doing the cool collage. Is that thinking TOO far out of the box?? The ones I would have them create would never be as complex as mine but the idea is solid I think. At the end they can see the end result of their hard work and have something laminated to take home and hang in their homes. It will inspire generations to come.

And with the reading education I thought the Origin of Spider-Man is a good first choice. If they can explain the lesson of the story and make me understand that they truly get it will show me if they have any kind of reading comprehension in the English language. Knowing what 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' means is crucial if they want to be able to read something more complex and understand it enough to answer questions about it on the GED test. The boys I have may frail those parts but I want to give them the best chance I can to have them succeed. I have little time, maybe 6 weeks for 6 hour a week

Now I need a black and white copy of the story so I can do the photocopying. I have it in color but I don't know if work wants me to use all that ink. It's only five copies so maybe. But if you know how to find me



That Dad said...

This site has a decent online guide to start teaching esl. I used to teach as a volunteer and found it helpful to use money as conversation (addition/subtraction) etc. the conversation wasn't specifically about esl but the students were interested to say the least!

j-swin said...

start with something easy like mickey mouse or bugs bunny, I remember trying to read my cousin's batman at a young age and getting discouraged but I was able to pick up the cartoony stuff quickly, food for thought.

Kal said...

I have a bunch of Superman and Batman Adventure comics.

Kal said...

Thanks for the tips boys. I just need to do a bunch of research and go with what I think will work. It may not and so what. It's the effort that matters.