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2017 Summer Movie Discussion (TGFS Ep #27) Posh Posh


In this one we talk about the films we are most looking forward to seeing this summer. Top of my list is Wonder Woman of course.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Sometimes the Universe gifts you for being a positive force in the universe and you wake to a gift from your Russian friend who may or may not be connected with the Russian Mob and their video and tape division and, who could, possibly, be involved in the pirating of first run pristine movies for a global clientele. That same person in charge of that 'crew' may love the Cave of Cool so much that gifts me screeners 'borrowed' from studios whenever I ask. It's the only swag I ever get for all my efforts but it's worth the most to me because it hits me where I live.

I had absolutely no doubt that this one would be great. The characters had real chemistry in the first film and those relationships get even more interesting in the second one. James Gunn clearly understands these characters and remembered that HUMOUR is so important to ground a movie like this in it's own kind of reality so we can go along with all the wild stuff happening in front of us. A great retro soundtrack serves the exact same purpose. This film is alive with action and adventure.
The effects also happen in the LIGHT which has always been my biggest theory about why DC superhero films are so crappy. I hate all the darkness and the bummer of a story that they tell. Zac Snyder has to go because his 'style' just doesn't cut it with geek fans like me. Guardians is exhibit one in my thesis. Look how bright everything is. Look at the humor and the action? How can you resist this one?
Every character gets their moments and grow stronger together as a team with some great additions like Yondu (who gets a much bigger role) and Mantis getting in on the fun. Of all of them Rocket is my favorite. Bradley Cooper's voice really brings to life what is basically a fancy special effect and turns him into a more lovable 'trash panda'. Baby Groot will be a huge hit with the kids as well.

Yondu (Michael Rooker's) relationship with Rocket is great fun. Bautista also ups his game as Drax which is nice to see from a non-actor. For a big Hollywood space movie this one has great heart as well.
Sure the third act is a big noisy mess of special effects but with such a high concept you really can't end the film quietly.
This one is all about family - the ones we are born with and the ones we form around ourselves. I enjoyed these characters the first time around and this movie only reaffirms my feelings.  I worried for them and their survival and that is something I can't say about other most other superhero films. I can watch another of these movies every couple of years. Great cast, great story, great effects. Another winner.

And make sure you stay for the post credit scenes. They set up some great things for part 3.