Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dear President Numnut

Dear President Numnut

As you have spend most of your time this week badmouthing CANADA for all the bad things we are doing as our part of NAFTA. Our cows are conspiring against you and producing more and better mild. Our industry is heavily regulated and subsidized by the gov't so that the nation doesn't produce too much milk. That creates a surplus and then the price drops and the farmers get screwed. Now in 'Merica anyone with two cows that can lactate can call himself a dairy farmer. Regulartions are less stringent because that is communism to make sure that a PERISHABLE PRODUCT is fit for human consumption. No worries.No one drinks mink these days anyways unless it's chocolate milk. Now mostly babies and smaller kids drink a lot of milk. Personally I don't trust the stuff but hey I don't have a taste for beer or coffee at the same time so I know less thank nothing about everything.

We regulate what our dairy cows produce so that we don't OVERPRODUCE and have to dump the product. That is a greater sin and it happens all the time in the states. A LITTLE socialism would help everyone along the line from cow to grocery store to consumer. But Trump understands NONE of this. Agroeconomics is too complicated for his tiny mind to contemplate.

Now when this Demented Cheesy gets in front of a camera he has this way of knowing just how much bullshit to tell his rapturous audience because if he gives them too much then they might figure out what a fraud he is and their goes hs great racist base. The ones he runs to when the FAKE NEWS is mean to him.

Oh and one more thing You don't don't hear Canada and Mexico bitching about the terms of NAFTA which YOUR country signed IN GOOD FAITH! GOOD FAITH. Do you understand the concept motherfucker? It's a done deal until it expires and we decide to do a new deal. But you can't just say GIVE ME WHAT I WANT or I will crush your and your bovinces with many nipples.You can't just walk in and use the size of your economy to bully more from us. If we were not so polite that alone would get your suit jacked pulled over your head while I deliver a few nice haymakers to your oatmean filled head.

Now if you had any imagination I would explain to him it's like when the Federation Cloaking Device is found. It saves the Enterprise and we learn that the Federation has no cloaking tech becaue they signed a deal with the Romulans. It's called the Treaty of Algernon where the Federation agrees not to develope stealth technology. It was an agreement the Federation signed in GOOD FAITH. and nothing Admiral Pressman was going to say was going to change Picards mind. That treaty kept the peace for 50 years. So maybe watch some Star Trek Next Generation to learn a little about dealing with other 'species' like the evil Canadian.
Frankly, FUCK YOU you undereducated piece of ignorance. At least STUDY the briefs they give you when you go on these Hitleresque rallies. If you burn your version of the Reshtact I will personally seek you out so that I can brain you senseless with a bad of frozen oranges. You think I won't do it. Ask Sarah Palin why she leans to the left now and can't say the word 'Tippy Toe' anymore.
32 of your 50 fucking states have CANADA as their major state trading partner. They don't want to deal with China or other nations when they can get what they need right acrosss the border. When you need quality lumber you come right to us. When you need the job done right, you come to us. We trade because we have many, many, many, many trees in this country. All you need, we can cut down for you. But don't keep being crybabies because you have to pay our price. You don't like it? I understand Russan has trees by the gazillion as well. How you enjoy the shipping cost, insurance costs and pirate costs.

YOU LOST THIS LUMBER arguement 4 times in the highest courts.Accept the decsions of the fine judges who say it the same way 4 times. It's just like a Trump thing to do.. Deny the results of a court case against him that he lost. So today he needed a reasuring audience to tell him he was a good boy today and a strong boy today and that thete is no relation betwen the number of missiles he ordered into Syria and the number of times he's tried to get it up in the past 100 days.

Oh that is another thing he want's no part of. The usual evaluation that comes from EVERYONE WITH A BRAIN after the FIRST 100 FREAKIN DAYS. It's the PRESIDENTIAL thing and you already saying it's meaningless measure of all he's done to make America GREAT again. When were you NOT great, America?

 I can tell you as a little Canadian Boy in junior high History and picking the number 1 out of the hat.That meant that I had first pick on the state I wanted to do my report and presentation on. Everybody looked and me but they already knew my pick. It was their pick too. I was NEW YORK STATE....which meant that I basically wrote about New York City proper and got an A+ because report had passion, and costume changes. So no one tell me I don't love my American brothers and sisters.

Now where was I, Oh yeh. I love America. I really really do. I love most of your culture except those things that bring you down like the Kardasians and Katlyn Jenner who now wants to pose nude for Penthouse now that he's cut off his dick. WOW. That is commitment and totally exploitive and self serving. He is that much in love with his naked body that we all have to see it?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't even know Penthouse was still publishing. Hasn't internet porn driven them out of business YET?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

They have a soft core online profile I guess.