Thursday, April 27, 2017

New To The Collection Of Cool - Female Loki By Kotobukiya

You all know my deep love for these Female Super Girls statues from both Marvel and DC that Kotobukiya has produced for years. They are based on the art work of only ONE artist and are done in the Bishoujo style which translates to CUTE GIRL. That is why each are on the cute and sexy side and that is what charmed me in the first place. They are cute but absolutely beautifully designed. The uniforms are spot on and the color and impact each make is fantastic. I love the packaging as well. I will post these high quality pics of all the 22 that I now own because I love them so. They bring out about 4 a year and I couldn't resist Lady Thor and Lady Loki. And you couldn't get one without the other. These are the most expensive collectibles I commit to. They cost about 70 dollars with 15 bucks for shipping. They are the finest example of this kind of vinyl figures I think and I am very proud of my collection of this line. TWENTY TWO. So check her out.

I never open mine but my good friend Debra did and these two look great together. I was so jazzed to know that my friend Debra got these. She has a growing Thor/Asgard/Loki collection and these female versions were treasures she just had to have and she would have not known about them without my knowledge of them. I like to have converted one person the great statues.





Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right about that, Cal -- you converted me! I love my Thor and Lady Loki! Even My Rare One does. She said "They're sooooooo sexy!" Plus thanks for the additional info that "bishouju" means "cute girl" -- did not know that!

So glad you're thrilled with yours too!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am. I am so glad I got them both because I can't imagine one without the other now. I love that all of these figures are based on the art of ONE guy so that makes them consistant.