Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cloak And Dagger - First Trailer


I was lucky enough during the 80s to have 40 dollars a month to buy comic books with. That allowed me to buy and read most everything Marvel put out at the time. I especially loved being able to take a chance on new characters or concepts like Dazzler and Cloak and Dagger. I LOVED their first mini-series so much because of the relationship between the two leads. A pretty blonde girl and a black youth who found that their powers bound them together in such a way that their very survival hinged on their being near each other all the time. It was a great platonic love story which really appealed to the teen romantic in me.

That being said I found this trailer to be very weak. If you didn't know anything about the characters you could be convinced this was a teen drama on the CW. We see nothing that would encourage the casual Marvel fan to be excited about this show despite the fact that the concept is one of the best that Marvel ever came up with. I hope as more episodes get shot that we see something really spectacular that will get fans and non-fans existed about this property. If they do it half as well as the comics did the characters and the situations they faced then it will be a winner for us all.

Tyrone "Ty" Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) met in New York City as runaways. Tyrone was a 17-year-old boy from Boston, Massachusetts with a debilitating stutter and ran away to New York City when his speech impediment prevented him from stopping his friend from being shot by police, who mistakenly believed he had just robbed a store. Tandy was a 16-year-old girl from a privileged upbringing (born in Shaker Heights, Ohio) who ran away because her multi-millionaire supermodel mother was too busy with her career and social life to spend time with her daughter. When they met, Tyrone considered stealing Tandy's purse, but before he could, a thief stole the purse and Tyrone retrieved it for her. Afterwards, they had dinner and became fast friends. When naïve Tandy accepted an offer of shelter from some strange men, wary Tyrone went along to protect her. The two teens were soon forcibly delivered to criminal chemist Simon Marshall developing a new synthetic heroin for Silvermane and the Maggia, testing it on runaway teens with fatal results. Johnson and Bowen somehow survived injections of the drug, and they fled. During their escape, the drug turned them into superpowered beings. Tyrone found himself engulfed in darkness and seized by a strange hunger which eased in the presence of Tandy glowing with a brilliant light. Trying to hide his newly shadowy appearance in a makeshift cloak, Tyrone began absorbing Marshall's thugs into his darkness while Tandy struck them down with daggers of light. The two teens dubbed themselves "Cloak & Dagger" and declared war on drug crime in combating drug-dealers and helping runaway children



Timothy S. Brannan said...

I was a big fan of the Cloak and Dagger comics back in the 80s as well (and Dazzler!). I found Tawny and Tyrone very compelling characters and the comic was doing so different stories than the rest of Marvel's line back then.
I also loved their relationship. So I am very excited to see this.
Cloak and Dagger has to build starting small, with teen drama. That's what made it stand out. Soon they are both going to be thrown into a very, very dangerous world and they will only have each other.
I have very high hopes for this.

DrGoat said...

Hope this pans out too.
Forty bucks a month is a princely sum for comics, you lucky dog. I think I spent about five dollars a month on comics back in the late 60s, early 70s. That about works out the same I guess. I was already a teen then. We got about a dollar a month in the late 50s when I was really into it, being 7 thru 10 yrs. old. That bought a lot of comics. Mostly Marvel and Metal Men etc.