Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Rooftop - Wolverine Re-Designs

I love these costume redesigns that 'Project Rooftop' does from time to time. This one of Wolverine is one of my favorites yet. The more iconic the character, the more difficult it is to create something that both works for the character and is instantly recognizable to the casual observer.

Grand Prize Winner - Lee Chen Fang

First Prize Winner - Gabriel Pinto

Second Prize Winner - Ricardo Vinancio

Runners - Up

Sulky Selena On Saturday With Sobot

Just to keep the alliteration alive.

Most Badass Superteam EVER!

Now where is my cartoon or live action adventure based on this image? NOWHERE I tell you because no one cares or loves anymore. It only all ever about the money, not the love of the subject matter.

Daily Pumpkin - October 31st - The End

Midnight, And The Kitties

are dancing! Happy Halloween everyone. Our long national nightmare is over and we can now commune with our demon overlords. Don't waste it this time bitches. Ask for something nice not the death of your enemies. That NEVER works out right. Evil always comes with a price.

TV Short Cuts

Stargate Universe - is becoming as good as show as I could ever hope it would be. It's a true survival story with great personalities. Pitch perfect writing and characterization creates intense drama regardless of the setting. Even if you aren't a fan of the 'Stargate' shows or science fiction in general you should be watching this program.

I am lovin on Top Chef, the anti-Hell's Kitchen. I appreciate the creativity and how the food is plated but it makes me crazy the way they give you SO LITTLE. I realize its food as art but Big Daddy needs to eat. I would trade their delicate dishes for a Wendy's double burger anyday. Call me a peasant all you like bitches but I need me some BEEEEEF!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Boy This Is Sweet

I can imagine a whole adventure with him, his ray gun and his little scooter on some far away moon, discovering an ancient alien civilization.

I Love These

Sometime when they 'MANGAtize' familiar images they don't look great but for some reason I like these.

One Day Cthulhu

Its gonna be just YOU and ME. Neither of us are walking away from it. I promise everyone that the battle WILL be epic! When the stars align, bitch...when the stars align...

Look Kids, Comics

Still One Of The Great Costumes In Comic Books EVER!

Said It Before

And I will say it again. Most of the destruction of your larger churches has been done by huge women with tentacles. What you ever did to piss that particular demographic off is lost to me. Maybe if you made the pews more comfortable? Better parking? More egg salad sammiches? You gotta keep up with the times or you will be visited by Betty Cthulhu and her friends.

Cute Mugshot of the Week

"One day you are working at Oktoberfest and the next you are going upside Heidi's head with a large beer stein."

Thats Really Him.

As a long time fan of the space program I was 'wowed' by this picture that actually shows the FACE of Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon. You only ever see pictures of Buzz (since Neil held the camera most of the time) and the gold reflective shield is almost always down. This picture really brought home the reality of the moment for me in way I never thought it would. That IS a guy in a space suit. And he REALLY is on the moon. Holy crap. Thank you interwebs - with your series of tubes you give me love.

Taken: 1969
Discovered: 2009

"This image was just recently published and is from a film camera that was mounted on the Apollo 11 lunar lander. I know technically this might not be considered a photograph but it’s very rare to see an astronaut’s face on the moon except in sci-fi movies so I wanted to include it in the list. The image was discovered while viewing NASA films. As Armstrong raised his gold reflexive visor (which normally obscures the astronaut’s face), his face appears just for a split second on the film. The footage was transferred into high definition format and then a single frame was made into the image above.

Interesting Fact: Because Armstrong was the guy with the camera most of the iconic pictures are of Aldrin and very few of Armstrong. This year on the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing Armstrong was presented this picture. Despite his modesty Armstrong was impressed to receive the print of himself as a souvenir."

Free Punpkins For All Hoomanz

This will become a Halloween tradition if I have anything to say about it. I loved the original 'Monsters vs Aliens' movie and this short special is just as good as the movie albiet in a shorter form. Only on this night could the 'monsters' seem like oridnary trick or treaters. When mutant pumpkins go nuts all over town after aliens dump their septic waste on a local pumpkin patch our heroes have to step in, ignore their Halloween issues and save the day. Just like it happens in real life. I gotta admit the candy eating, illiterate, gobblygook spouting, pumpykins do freak me out a bit but everything is delicious and the animation looks candy coated and good enough to eat itself.

Daily Pumpkin - October 30


Ah Blackface, you never go out of racist style!

Don't Worry Brother

Make your break...I got your back.

I Am So Torn

By your Nazi, hockey playing hotness. I may have to ask you to remove your sweater before returning to the ice.

Oh Sweet Jeebus

Its Velma, it's always been Velma.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The last 5 mintues of this week's 'Community' was about the finest 'Bat moment' of the week in a week FULL of 'Batman' moments. I have no picture or video to show but if you have seen it or do see it and want to send me the clip or a screen capture then you are a mensch. It simply hit me where I live.

Worst Kindergarten Skit Ever!

Why Do I Love Women Like This So Much?

These Two Freaks Deserve Each Other

What the hell is this? Really? I loves me some bubble helmets but this is too much. Gotta be either Japanese or Turkish.

I Just Don't Have The Words

Its That Time Again

If you know anything about 'Judgement Bears' you would know that it really important to leave out sacrificial pumpkins noms for them at this time of year outside of the Cave of Cool. You don't need to listen to a years worth of "Oh sure, you can give out candy to the children but you can't be bothered leaving me a nice crunchy seal filled pumpkin to enjoy. With everything I do for you?" You see, 'Judgement Bear' is often times also a 'Guilt Bear'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

National Cat Day Celebration

A Meeting Of The Minds

Gots me some mad love for Salvador Dali, the magnificent batshit crazy Surrealist Spanish artist. I carried this same picture around with me all through my University years and it currently rests on one of the shelves in the library section of the Cave of Cool. It just speaks to me of the way neither of them or any of us really fully understand what the hell is going on in this world. That thought fills me with a sublime calm.

The Squid And The Whale

That's what you get. There is ALWAYS a bigger fish.

TV Quote Of The Week - Modern Family

Jay teases stepson Manny about his wearing of a traditional Colombian poncho on the first day of school so Manny leaves it in the car. Gloria finds her son's Poncho and is mad at Jay.

Gloria (Sofía Vergara) - "Batman doesn't get picked on and he wears a cape. A poncho is just a cape that goes all the way around."

Jay (Ed O'Neil) - "Batman doesn't get picked on because he's a muscular genius. Manny can't make it to the top bunk."

"Why Does The Caged Bird Sing"

The eminent Dr Monkey made a little joke about this question but it really got me thinking about it in a much deeper way. It's the question at the heart of a famous black play/book/movie that I am ashamed to say I have not read since it was created by my girl, Miss Maya Anjelou. I do remember the movie on TV, however, and it's themes have always stuck with me.

I am going to ask you all to answer that simple question. You can be funny or profound or deliciously insane as befits your feelings at the moment.

Does the question only refer to the black experience since the phrase comes from the poem of a slave or does it reflect a more universal truth? You can go to Dr. Monkey's site to see what I think when you are done. This is one I really care that you comment on if you are a regular visitor to this blog. Lets see if 50 of the nearly 850 average daily visitors can wow me.