Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Rooftop - Wolverine Re-Designs

I love these costume redesigns that 'Project Rooftop' does from time to time. This one of Wolverine is one of my favorites yet. The more iconic the character, the more difficult it is to create something that both works for the character and is instantly recognizable to the casual observer.

Grand Prize Winner - Lee Chen Fang

First Prize Winner - Gabriel Pinto

Second Prize Winner - Ricardo Vinancio

Runners - Up


Matt said...

The second prize winner makes Wolverine look like a wrestler or something. I think my favorite might actually be the last one; it's not great as a superhero costume but I think it's the most interesting design.

Margaret Benbow said...

But look at the blade-hands on the fifth one down. Me oh my.

themom said...

My son painted a Wolverine while in high school - and it is super! I need to take a picture and post it sometime. These are all awesome. the grandson LOVES Wolverine.

Wings1295 said...

Cool takes on him!