Monday, October 26, 2009

This Is So Wrong

Can anyone predict how this will end? With alot of these little buggers running around killing house pets and small children and breeding in incredible numbers like the animals do in the Australian wild due to a lack of predator species to balance them out. Soon they are chewing through the window screens and getting at your toes and fingers while you sleep. Then we breed something that eat these then something that eats the ones that ate the first little tweekers and soon we gots us a full scale species war where we are no longer top of the food chain. Sure we have the large brain and the thumbs but once they reach Velociraptor level they start getting crazy smart and hunting in packs and then we have to stay indoors. I will FREAK if the satellite goes out at that point. Then I will make foolish decisions that will get me killed. ALL because someone's kid wants a cute little dinosaur for a pet. I say no. Stop the madness now and we can all go on enjoying life at the top where everything out there knows its place in the 'circle of life'.

"Meet the recently discovered Fruitadens haagarorum. A teacup dinosaur that stood only 4 inches tall and weighed about as much as a guinea pig. Scientists say the little bugger would have been "like a roadrunner on steroids." Darting around at terrific speeds, running circles around much larger predators."

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