Monday, October 26, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

I hate seeing those 'death of the innocent family scenes' that start these kind of movies but I suppose they are a necessary plot device. If you want me to dislike the killer don't make him sympathetic while making the supposed 'hero' an asshole. No one plays asshole like Jamie Fox so I guess the casting was perfect. I like seeing Gerald Butler in anything because he is always interesting to watch but I find he is way over exposed these days. That, however is the typical career path. Now he can go away and come back with his Oscar worthy performance.

The speeches Butler's character makes against the justice system are all true. I don't have a single bad thing to say about his outburst to the judge at his bail hearing. He is right. Batshit crazy but right. Miscarriages of justice for the sake of expediency happen every day. I just don't think his solution to the problem is all that practical.

How Butler's character is able to orchestrate these elaborate murders from inside prison is a huge plot hole but I can forgive that when they explain the work he did for the CIA. He is one of a kind, special genius killer. Its his gift.

It not giving anything away to say there are some spectacular special effect deaths here. Jump out of your seat effects. I was riveted I'll admit it. I actually admire this criminal in the same way you admire the genius of a Hannibal Lecter. I half cheered him on as the movie went on. Nail biting stuff and worth your time.


Hannah said...

I like Gerard! He is yummy and a great actor (And a Scot! Woot!:)LOL) but this movie looks a little derivative. Seems like they are regurgitating "Silence of the Lambs".

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