Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Classic GI Joe Toys

This box art is fabulous. One of the worst things that ever happened to me in my life was the loss of all my toys when we moved back from Europe. I had the greatest collection of 'Big Jim', 'GI Joe', 'Mego', and 'Evil Knievel' figures you could ever hope for. Seeing this art breaks my heart because I had all these things. Well except for the Sky Hawk which I flew (like a kite as per the instructions) on the day after Christmas. Once I detached the hook it was gone. Damn thing had freakish aerodynamics and it probably landed in France (we lived 15 minutes from the French border in Germany).

Robo sent me this awesome site that has the box art from all the old Joe's and the fantastic art they have in general from that classic era of the Joe toys. Don't be surprised to see many future posts on this stuff. I so wish they would just take the old molds out of storage and reissue this stuff as reasonable prices. Though I suspect I will be searching for the 'Sea Wolf' and the 'Deep Sea Diver' set online because that was my favorite set of all time. You know I have spoken fondly of my love for a good tub. Probably comes from all those hours as a kid taking my sub and figures on adventures in the 'Bubble Bath Sea'. Hated the fricken squids back then. They always kept me from the treasure chest that sometimes you had to just search for.


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