Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Airing Of The Grievances - 9

I like the show 'Castle' but I just can't get over how beautiful Detective Beckett is. In real life she would never have gone into police work. Does that sound sexist? Pretty girls tend to end up announcing the news or being on reality TV. Though I have seen hot RCMP officers but that is kinda a high prestige thing and they usually don't have fashion model thin bodies like Beckett. However their ass/thigh combination is exquisite especially in the Red Surge with those high brown boots. Meow. The handgun and taser combination is a nice touch too. But that fancy two gun rig only goes with the daily work dress.

Why can't there be a show with just Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld talking and riffing on everyday life? The episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' was just brilliant and I suspect that is how it was for the ten years they made 'Seinfeld'. I can't go back to regular sitcoms anymore. I can't. I won't. How can scripted comedy amuse me when I have seen the top of the mountain? Its like you and your best friend from college who just 'GOT' everything you were saying. You both had a shorthand and with one word or phase you could crack each other up all the time. My much missed buddy Lance was like that. We would go driving around the city all night and just riff on everything. I still have the tapes we would send each other and they are the funniest things you have ever heard. Well, funniest things I have ever heard. That's my point. More Larry and Jerry...less SNL.

Has 'Ziggy' ever put out a good cartoon. I mean just ONE that made you even smile? Even chuckle under your breath. One that you would not be embarrassed to share with a friend? I find myself becoming more annoyed with this little freak every day. I am sure its the same cartoon everyday but I can't prove it and that infuriates me. Someone, somewhere is just laughing their asses off that they sell that shit to the newspapers. I can't avoid it. It only takes a second to read. Its right there with the other cartoons. Everyday I hope I will be amused and EVERY SINGLE DAY I am disappointed. Disappointed to the point of murderous rage. All because of ZIGGY! Fuck You Ziggy!

Can someone tell me why we haven't removed this human piss stain from the planet already. He is lower than a cockroach and as bad as Hitler ever was. At least Der Fuhrer had style. Radovan Karadzic is just NOW having his war crimes trial. Who gives a trial to a piece of garbage like this greasy Serbian? His head should be displayed at the gates to Sarajevo. He is boycotting his trial. Well here is an idea. You don't want one...fine...we will just go to sentencing and execution. Don't worry, we will make it nice and slow so you can watch and all the ghosts of those you killed can watch.

How do two pilots overshoot their destination by 150 miles? How does that happen here on EARTH? Makes me want to fly right away. How about you? 144 passengers got a wake up call that the pilots should have gotten about 150 miles back. Truckers can only drive for so long. How bout we make pilots follow the same policy? But I guess I am just a whiner. Thank you Northwest.

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