Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chelsea Lately

I have been lucky in my life to know some amazing women. Beautiful, difficult divas with wicked, dirty, evil senses of humor that come from a deep hated of the men who have hurt them and the women who ended up with the men who have hurt them. I love sarcasm when its done well and women can dish up some of the best snark around. To paraphrase Seinfeld - "men get over things and women just tease another girl until she develops an eating disorder". Female teachers are the best to be around during happy hour or 'library meetings' at the end of the week. For some reason the venom just builds up through the week and is released with a delicious snarl after a couple of vodka 'smoothies'.

I was trying to figure out today why I enjoy the 'E Channel's' show, 'Chelsea Lately' so much. Hosted by comedian and full time bitch, Chelsea Handler, it brings together members of her writing staff and stand up comedians to discuss the entertainment and pop culture issues of the day. Of course this round table like set-up and quick flow lead to some great lines from the comedians who we all know are deeply bitter, insecure people. True comedy comes from envy and personal pain so the more damaged you are the better laughs you can produce in the audience.

Her show is pro-gay and anti-celebrity stupidity. Like frequent quest and gay staff 'homosexual' Brad said - "This is a show about celebrity gossip, our periods and talking about Branjelina!" I know now why I like it. Wickedly funny and fast with Handler being the kind of ringmaster I enjoy being around. In another life she would have made me pee myself laughing at the weekly staff meeting. I wish she would ditch the celebrity interviews she does in the last 10 minutes or so of the show but I realize that is the price she has to pay to get to hate on celebs in the first 2/3rds. Combined with the 'Daily Show' this is a easy hour to commit to everday to watch two of the best in the business give me the perspective I want from the news of the day.

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