Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Am Torn Again And Tip My Hat To My Enemy

It is said to take pleasure in your enemy and celebrate his victories. I love this website's presentation and this product's packaging design but I am torn. All they are trying to do is have us drink their fine liquor, get stinky drunk, then fall off bridges and ships into the water and make the job easier for our Cephalopod enemies. At the same time I enjoy Rum. I am happy to share these short films with you from the company website. As you may notice they appear to have been created by someone who lives within my own brain. I should sue them for intellectual theft but I am too damn happy with the results to give them anything but my double thumbs up. Where I to have more thumbs than two those would be in the UP postion as well. With their black and white Victorian sensibilities they are right up my alley. They project the appropriate amount of dread that one should feel whenever they venture near the oceans. "There are things there that do not sleep." I will enjoy their product but lament the tragic loss of life that occured to make it's creation possible. God bless you magnificent bastards. You have restored my spirit.


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