Monday, October 26, 2009

True Dat'

Mom: Your sister went to lunch with your grandmother on Friday. Kristen told her that she doesn't go to church. Now your staramama thinks I'm horrible. That went real well.

Me: That's always good. You know, you can go to church all you want and get nothing out of it. If you don't believe, you don't believe. It's just something that happens. I mean, religion was invented by ancient cultures to explain how the world worked. Now that we have modern science (and Kris and I are very scientifically minded), we can explain almost everything. We don't have as much need for religion. It's just how things work.

Me: Staramama is old fashioned. She completely missed the feminist empowerment movement and still thinks a woman's rightful place is in the kitchen. I wouldn't care too much about her scolding you.

Mom: The thing is, Kris believes, she just don't have the need for church at this time. She should have just said that she goes to keep the peace with her 81-year-old grandmother.

Me: Well, Kristen doesn't give a crap what people think about her. She is who she is and makes no excuses.

Mom: You guys believe in no supreme being in this world is definitely my fault.

Me: What?! First of all, I'm not atheist. And it's not your responsibility to instill religion or faith into your kids. It's your kids' responsibility. You can pound something into their heads as hard as you'd like, they're still going to believe what they want. Especially if you managed to raise strong, independent children.

Mom: Love you.

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