Monday, October 26, 2009

This Is How I Remember It

My sister had a little friend when she was around 4. Her name was Renatta but we all called her 'Poohy'. Her and my sister would leave the house in the bright summer morning clean and with shoes and little ribbons in their hair. At the end of the day they would both come home - shoeless, grubby, no ribbons, pants filled with pooh, and dragging home whatever animal dead or alive they could trap and/or kill. It was horrifying to me because I had NO IDEA what kind of summer day they had had and I didn't WANT to know. Once I got in her way at the end of a long days adventure and she pushed me into the rose bushes like I was nothing. ME! That's how a kid named 'Poohy' can influence you. I once heard my Dad suggest they just dress them both in potatoe sacks and be done with it but my Mom thought the neighbors would think we were poor which was stupid because it was a military base and we were all the same AND the the legend of Kim and 'Poohy' had already spread throughout the land. I have seen this picture of this little Mongol girl many times and I always think of 'Poohy'.

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