Friday, January 31, 2020

Call Me Marvel

There is still time to consult me on your trilogy before it's too late, Marvel. You can't go back to make a good decision when you have already made a bad one. You need someone with VISION to write this story for you. A lonely hermit outside of your bubble who understand The Four in a way none of your studio monkeys ever will. You need someone who understands how to make DOOM the greatest anti-hero in movies since Magneto. If you figure out DOOM then you got the makings of the greatest superhero movie trilogy of all time. Well five movies because the defeating of Galactus is the giant two part movie finale at the end of all this mythbuilding. Let ME help YOU.

And Emily Blunt needs to be cast in my version so if you know her hip her to my story idea. I would like her support going into the Marvel offices. I also like her husband for Mr Fantastic.

More Cosplay This Week

I Love My Brother Tim But On THIS Point We Must Disagree

This moment was bound to happen. A guy who wrote a thesis on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre has no business being my friend. I hate that movie and he loves it. We should disagree about so much of Pop Culture but we hardly ever do. Almost never. But today it happened. Today he made a post over at the Hero Press that shocked me. That disturbed me. And it involved a photo gallery of  Kristen Stewart. He was giving her a place of honor on his blog THAT IS NOT HER DUE! I couldn't hold it in and let my disappointment fester. I had to blast out this comment and hope he forgives me and sees things my way.

Because next he may do a week of Milly Bobby Brown.

If that happens I have to smoother him with a pillow for his own good and I don't want to do that. He's my friend.

I am speechless. I am without speech. I have to admit to you that I HATE Kristen Stewart with the red hot passion of a million exploding suns. I think she is boring, lazy, entitled, pretentious, snotty, spoiled, ungrateful, hateful and just plain uninteresting and stupid. I don't find her indignant behavior to be earned or edgy or again, interesting. She is all that I hate about celebrities. And there are much prettier girls on film that can make more than one expression and smile a sincere smile. GAH! Thank you for allowing me to vent.

I Must Have My Squirrel Girl

This Was The FIRST Terminator That Skynet Created To Spy On Us

And yes, it also toasts bread but never trust it and never take it into the tub with you no matter how much you want to heat up some POP TART while washing your filthy body. The toaster will kill you and report your death to it's robot masters at SKYNET.

From The Caturday Files

Disney's Live-Action Peter Pan Reportedly Eyeing Margot Robbie For Tinker Bell

How DARE the mouse not consult me about this. I hate everything about these live action remakes as you know. Peter Pan has already been done live action twice and I hated them both times. The only reason to make this abomination is to see Margot dressed as my beloved Tink, pom poms on her slippers, the wings, the whole sexy outfit. And I don't want the updated bullshit that turns her into a crusader for Women's Rights. There is no one to ME TOO in that film. Tink wasn't abused. She just loved a boy who wanted to play with the other boys more than her if you know what I mean, and there isn't anything wrong with that. Plus even the smallest alteration to Tink's outfit is a war crime.