Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My Favorite Poster Of All Time Is Iconic

I had this poster in my room for years and years. I wish I would have had to brains to buy one more to keep pristine in the tube and another to put in a frame. I love the colors and the composition. Everything is perfect about it.

You can read the article by going HERE

The upper poster is by the Hildebrandt Brothers and the lower one is by Tom Jung, I forgot there were two posters for this movie that are very identical but equally fantastic. I would have had them both at the time but we only had the Hildebrand version to enjoy. Thanks to Rob of the Dork Review for the tip.

Thanks to Brother Jordan for setting me straight. 
Which one do you prefer?


Jordan said...

No kidding -- you prefer the Hildebrandt version to the Tom Jung variant? I think the Jung version is so much better (although it's basically the same composition) -- and I'm your age; I vividly remember seeing them in the theater lobbies.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I will post the Tom Jung one with it. I forgot it existed and I see the glory in both but I liked the painted version when I was twelve because most posters of space movies were rarely this epic.

Jordan said...

It's an interesting comparison, isn't it? The same basic image, by two totally different painters (or, three painters technically).

There were at least two more full-size posters...the movie was in theaters for a year (as you and I both remember).

I also vividly remember the teaser poster with the text that said "COMING TO YOUR GALAXY THIS SUMMER."