Tuesday, January 28, 2020

No Matter How Good The Next Fantastic Four Movie Is, I Will Always Know That MY Idea For The Trilogy Was So Much Better

Remember, the trilogy hangs on one moment when Reed kneels at Doom's feet defeated because he can't figure out how to save Sue and his daughter. He is broken by what he did to the three people he loved most in the world. He took them to space in an unshielded ship which he KNEW was unshielded and turned them into monsters. That was not his intent but it was the result and that event broke him. So now all he has left is to kneel before Doom and begs him to save his wife and unborn child because only Doom can. In that moment Doom find his capacity for mercy and instead of killing Richards (which he shows that he can do by powering up his gauntlet and holding it in a glowing fist an inch from Richard's bowed head) he does just as Reed asks and saves both Mother and baby using both magic and science to calm Sue and her out of control powers and save the super powered baby ready to be born. That moment inspires the Silver Surfer to find nobility and worth in humanity and turns against his master, Galactus. The good and bad of the next phase of the MCU are gathered for a battle the likes of which few had ever seen. And YES, my version includes the Ultimate Nulifier which is stolen from Galctus by the Human Torch with some help from Uatu the Watcher. Of course Ben would be the one to give the 'speech' that inspires all the heroes to do their best and force Galactus to back down. Put on a good show to keep the big guy distracted long enough to steal the Ultimate Nulifier and then threaten to use it against Galactus. Fight smarter, not harder. And there is a good role for Uatu who turns his back on his beliefs to never interview in human history to TOTALLY getting all involved in human history by informing Johnny about the Ultimate Nulifier and where to find it. That's INVOLVED. That's what happens when you leave one guy to just watch Earth. Did you not think he would get ATTACHED to Earth? When a person only has ONE channel to watch you can't help but like it all though most of what they broadcast is crap. Much like the CBC.

But I digress.

If  you build your story on my strong framework you will make so much money that you will need to buy a bank just to keep all your ready cash. You could have an ATM in your house. I can only show you Marvel executives the door. They have to be the ones to walk through it.

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