Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Had It With You Hillbillies

I have had it with you FUCKING Hillbillies and this farce of an Impeachment 'trial' you somehow think is legitimate in any way? Is this what the Constitution allows? If so wipe your ass with it because it's just paper. Where is the principle of JUSTICE in the face of overwhelming evidence to the guilt of the Great Orange Potato that is the idiot trump. Worst human being ever. Worst President ever is a given.
This is such bullshit right before your eyes and you will all just take it. You should surround the Senate with a million people and keep them in there until they have a REAL trial, This is such a farce that I cant believe I am the only one to see it because that is the only explanation for how this lawless kangaroo court to be happening without any reaction from the people. They must all think this is the way things are done so the fault is mine. This is not corrupt behavior in America. This is business as usual and that is the way you all like it. Fucking Hillbillies, you deserve this government.
Like Jor-el said to his son in Superman - "They are a great people. They wish to be. They only lack the LIGHT to show them the way. Where is the person with courage in all this. Who stands up and says FUCKING ENOUGH. I can barely stand to look at you right now and I LOVES my American brothers and sisters. I love your culture. I just hate your FUCKING HILLBILLIES and the behavior they allow and encourage.

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