Sunday, January 26, 2020

How Does Someone Get Demoted From 'Conversation Starter'?

This is what happens when I join a group. Any group. All I did was share some of my best captions with a group of cat lovers. I think my captions are genius. I really do. And I know I am right because I know what is funny. But today, for a half a millisecond I allowed the idiot mass audience to influence what I thought of myself and my abilities.

On this Facebook group I was made a 'conversation starter'. All of a sudden I was a somebody. I was getting noticed. Like Scientology for cat lovers I was moving up the ladder to what end I had no idea.

But today, suddenly I have lost my title. What sin did I commit? Was I too fresh? Was I too BLUE? Well we all know that I NEVER work BLUE because I don't have to. That kind of comedy is beneath me as are puns.

I just submitted this caption to the page with the question about my demotion so lets see what kind of response I get. How high does this insult go? Could it possibly be that THE MAN is involved?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Like Scientology for cat lovers" -- LOL! Without seeing the FB page it's hard to judge what happened. But knowing your blogging style, did you perhaps overwhelm them with too many posts too soon? People need time to comment and digest. However, if people just didn't like your humour, then you're right -- fuckem cuz they have no sense of ha ha.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Are you saying I would have more followers if I was less prolific and stopped posted things that I am eager to share, I could never compromise and choose to pitch and one to save,. It's not like they disappear twenty four hours later. I am very hurt and confused right now. Myabe you are right and I am a hack