Thursday, January 16, 2020

I Do Not Like Disruption...I Do Not Like Change

Every day I sit in the same place and do the voodoo that I do with my desktop computer. In many ways my life is built around that computer, It's where the cat hangs out and where all the stuff I need is within arms reach. In fact the cat is freaking because I have to use this laptop without sound to communicate with the world. To be near me put her in an unfamiliar place as well. I have no access to my images, my ability to do posts or podcast or just keep up with all the things I want to see. But I cant do that WITHOUT VOLUME. I have to sit in another room right now so I can watch SVU WITH COMMERCIALS which to me is an abomination. I hate commercials. They steal my time. They make my brain hurt. I hate change. To lose tower and ipad in the same day and being left with only this haunted laptop which I drag from room to room around this spaceship. I KNOW I KNOW. White man's problems but I have no friends for a reason, I am an insufferably delicate hot house orchid thus annoying to be around, Damn I can't even add a picture to this. I can only sit in the silence and for me that is not a good thing. My brain needs constant video and audio INPUT - but it needs then both TOGETHER! Now it's cold and silent. BAD JUJU.

I guess I can post images. Yeh for me. Now can we do something about the quiet. Calvin needs the quiet to stop.


Rob R said...

Ugh! Hang in there! Look forward to you being back up and running properly.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are you going to buy a new computer?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am going to get a new tower and have all my stuff transferred into it. Then will stop having the shakes.