Thursday, January 23, 2020

Picard - Episode One

I read some bad reviews of PICARD and if you believe any of them you should not be allowed to have an opinion about TV shows for ONE YEAR because you don't know from good entertainment and this pilot was damn good. The season had a magnificent beginning, The only thing they missed was a trailer for the next episode.

BTW - how do I get rid of that white background that appears when I copy a Facebook comment and repost it at the Cave of Cool. I hate it. How to I make it normal? Teach me how to do that.

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Rob R said...

1. I loved the first episode of Picard! So excited for this series.
2. First, copy and paste the text into your browser bar address (don't hit enter). THEN copy and paste that version of the text into the Cave of Cool post. That should remove the (stupid) formatting that tags along... at least that is how I get around that sort of nonsense! Alternatively, you can go into the html, but who wants to mess with that?