Saturday, January 11, 2020

How Can I Take Anything You Say Seriously While You Are Dressed Like This?

You look like you just were in a car wreck after a one night stand with a club waitress. This is fashion? I can't even remember what you are talking about because I am offended by the sloppiness of your outfit. Fine for the club but on TV you could dress like you actually give a shit. And why is anyone listening to this dingbat in the first place? Every single part of her is annoying to me. The voice, the hair, the outfit, her whole vibe. I especially hate the glasses because they make her look smart but a smart person would have a shirt with buttons and tuck it all in. In another reality I know I had to hunt her down and drive a stake through her heart to save humanity from a horror of a future. I just have a memory of the whole event. Wish fulfillment in the Matrix.

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