Sunday, December 9, 2018

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

What If Superman Was Just Born Evil?

I Rant Because I Can Smugly See The Future

Now I am a simple fellow. Not one of your high falootin legal professors but even I know that when you become known by a nickname in legal documents, FBI type legal documents, then basically your goose is cooked and Mueller is giving you time to do the honorable thing by taking a gun, going behind the outhouse, and blowing out your brains. But you are done. This little experiment in idiocy is over. Thank you for proving the point that there are REASONS why a PRESIDENT can't use his new job to make a little cash on the side. Sure he can use his position to bully COUNTRIES into paying up. That's all fine with trump. But it's not. Presidents don't enrich themselves at the cost of their fellow Americans and act the ignorant fool while doing it. How has this been allowed to continue THIS long? But I got faith. Yes, Calvin. He has faith that those wonderfully, slave owning, slave banging, rich white plantation owners with superior eduction and an understanding of governance they did NOT want, created a Constitution that seems to have a solution for most hillbilly shenanigans that a President or and ordinary American might get himself into. And in that beautiful, much amended document (remember, what was giving can be taken away) there are solution for when a maggot like trump falls ass backwards into power - power that is tainted by so much Russian bullshit that I can't believe it was even allowed to be done in the first place. That alone demanded a re-do. So much needs to be done about all of America's problems but this is PROBLEM ZERO. The pus filled cysts that is trump must be gone and all his damage needs to be fixed and scrubbed from history. I have faith. I am patient so in the end I will get my wish and there is not a damn thing that trump or his hillbilly caravan can do about that.

First Trailer For Live Action Kim Possible Movie

I loved the cartoon so much that I will cut this live action film a lot of slack. If it's true to the mythology of the program, if there is a Rufus and if Ron is a huge dork then I will be very happy. It's always hard to go from cartoon to live action and I can't remember very many examples where that experiment went well but I can list a ton of films that failed when they jumped from the cartoon to the big screen.

The Adventures of Honey Glaze And Danger Cat 2.0

In this episode Danger Cat gets caught in a time loop that only gives him four minutes to save the world before he gets sent back to try again and again. I even have a song for this episode.

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