Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mars And Why We Need To Fear The Thaw

One of the most compelling shows on TV right now is Mars. Last season was all about getting to Mars and actually establishing a living habitat on the planet. This year it's the battle between commerce and science and how the run to exploit is fraught with it's own hidden dangers. This is good science education combined with good science entertainment. I works equally well in both

There is an episode in season two where a pathogen spreads through both Mars bases and back on Earth we hear the true story of how Arctic climate change in Russia has exposed the bodies of Reindeer that were infected with anthrax, starting a whole new plague cycle. It scared the hell out of me. One guy fighting against Russian oil interests on an isolated island arctic island where the people are dying, now, today in real time of something that could easily become a pandemic if it wasn't currently semi-contained on an island that is now under heavy quarantine. Now there is a good idea for a horror movie. I think Val Kilmer did one just like that where a carcass found in the permafrost infects everyone in an isolated research base. Pretty gruesome way to go. Usually fire or a nuclear bomb can cleanse the site before we all are put at risk.

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