Saturday, December 22, 2018

If You Still Support The Idiot Trump Then It's Time For Some Education On THE TRUTH

Dear Trump Supporter:

You poor little Cuckcake - must be hard to realized you've been duped by the world's most incompetent conman.

How's that $7 trillion dollar value added to the stock market? What? it's gone now? In negative territory actually.
Well that's OK right cause at least North Korea stopped producing Nuclear weapons right? what? what's that? they HAVEN'T?

Oh well at least you got that evil Hillary Clinton locked up? What? She hasn't been locked up? But seven members of Trump's campaign and administration have pleaded guilty to crimes? Including the guy who invented 'lock her up'?

Well at least Mexico is paying for that wall right? what? they're not paying - oh they'll be paying 'indirectly'? I don't remember him saying it during the campaign like that - What? it doesn't matter cause the wall's not getting built anyway.

Well at least he surrounded himself with the best people....what? they all quit or resigned in disgrace.
Well at least he visited the troops overseas - what? he didn't?

Well at least he went to Arlington on Veterans Day - oh? he didn't.

Well at least his foundation isn't corrupt like the evil Clintons. What? it's being disbanded cause he used it illegally to purchase portraits of himself to hang in Mar a Lago?

Well at least he doesn't play golf all the the time like that Muslim Obama. What? he holds the record for playing more golf than ANY PRESIDENT EVER? On his own golf courses? That we pay for?
Well at least he's not a cheating dog like Bill Clinton. What? He cheated on ALL his wives and paid off a porn star that he fucked while his third wife was at home with a newborn?

Sheesh - sounds like only a mentally challenged douchebag would support this guy? what? you still support him?

I think i understand now.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

That tweet from Eric Swalwell says it all.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I met congressman Eric Swalwell earlier this month at a public Menorah lighting in Castro Valley California he seemed like a pretty good guy I just hope as a rising star in the Democratic Party that down the road he’ll be able to resist the influences of the more far left radical elements within the party.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's a balancing act that has corrupted lesser men.

DrGoat said...

Most of them are beyond learning anything anyway.