Friday, October 30, 2009

Thats Really Him.

As a long time fan of the space program I was 'wowed' by this picture that actually shows the FACE of Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon. You only ever see pictures of Buzz (since Neil held the camera most of the time) and the gold reflective shield is almost always down. This picture really brought home the reality of the moment for me in way I never thought it would. That IS a guy in a space suit. And he REALLY is on the moon. Holy crap. Thank you interwebs - with your series of tubes you give me love.

Taken: 1969
Discovered: 2009

"This image was just recently published and is from a film camera that was mounted on the Apollo 11 lunar lander. I know technically this might not be considered a photograph but it’s very rare to see an astronaut’s face on the moon except in sci-fi movies so I wanted to include it in the list. The image was discovered while viewing NASA films. As Armstrong raised his gold reflexive visor (which normally obscures the astronaut’s face), his face appears just for a split second on the film. The footage was transferred into high definition format and then a single frame was made into the image above.

Interesting Fact: Because Armstrong was the guy with the camera most of the iconic pictures are of Aldrin and very few of Armstrong. This year on the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing Armstrong was presented this picture. Despite his modesty Armstrong was impressed to receive the print of himself as a souvenir."

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