Thursday, April 13, 2017

Josh Brolin Cast As Cable For Deadpool 2

My first two choices to play time-travelling mutant CABLE in the new Deadpool movie, Michael Shannon and Steven Lang, I guess Josh Brolin in not a bad choice. He is a quality actor and I hope he can adapt to the material.

Brad Pitt was also in the mix
Steven Lang has the look and attidute.
Machael Shannon is a brilliant actor.
Cable is one of the crappy characters that the idiot Liefeld created. He was the worst of all of Liefeld's excesses. He wore HUGE shoulder pads, huge pouches and a gun the size of a small car. He was ridiculous of course. And his history was a huge mess that no one can really explain to anyone.

Just look at this garbage art by Liefeld.
How does he go tot he toilet with all that crap on.

They then retconned him as the son of Cyclops and the Goblin Queen Madeline Pryor and because of a techno-organic virus he was forced to be sent in the future where they could help him survive. He returned to us as an enemy of Apocalyse after defeating an evil clone of himself in the future. It was a mess so he was relegated for awhile as a genually useless character until they teamed him up with the one person he would be annoyed with the most. Of course that would Deadpool. They had some real chemistry and there was no doubt that Cable was one of the first mutants necessary for a kick ass Deadpool sequel.

However, it was his adventure with HOPE the Mutant Messiah that redeemed him in my eyes. He took her through time to raise her and protect her from Bishop who was also chasing her through history to kill her. It was a tough life to grow up in and no sooner had the two returned to the present that Cable had to protect his 'daughter' one more time and he did. He saved her, saved her team and went to his death like a MAN. Like the HERO I never thought he had in him.

This fan made film will give you some idea of what they mutants on the run life had become.


DrGoat said...

Stephen Lang would be a great choice. He does have that grizzled, been through hell look. Brad Pitt, don't think so but you never know. Maybe even Guy Pearce.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Brad Pitt has just been phonin' it in lately in all his movies. He is capable of so much more but seemingly doesn't want to make an effort any more.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Because Angelina BROKE him like she breaks all her men.

jester59388 said...

Steven Lang would have been fantastic. He might have had to beef up a little - he's bit lanky as I recall -- but that's been done many times in the past. I guess they figured they wanted a bigger name ...?

Unknown said...

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