Saturday, December 27, 2014


If you know anything of your European Zombie movies, the first three of this excellent series were set in the same city during the same evening of a viral outbreak. Unbelievably tense and horrifying, these are the best horror movies I have ever seen in the zombie genre. I don't watch a lot of these kind of films because they give me nightmares so I only see the best. Trust me when I say that the first three had it all. At times I thought I was going to die from the tension on screen. I liked the idea of the forth film because in this crazy zombie universe the filmmakers have created it all makes sense and making sense is something every good zombie movie needs. The twist in this one is quite original to say the least.

Part 4 gathers up the survivors of the night before and places them on a quarantine ship complete with scientists, their laboratory and security force. We soon learn these are scientists attempting to prevent another massive outbreak. Now something has gotten loose on the ship (as something ALWAYS gets loose on the ship) and soon everyone is fighting for their lives in the most gruesome way possible. Thank god for hull doors that can be locked from behind. Gives you a chance to save yourself for another second or two. That is until the storm hits. Yup, this has everything working against our heroes.

Because these movies are in Spanish, I have to watch them closely to follow the subtitles. Luckily the script is full of explanations as to why everyone already NOT a zombie will soon be one on this floating boat of doom. Not a whole lot of hope here which is just the way I like it.

I fully expect no one, including the cute journalist from the first REC movie, to survive. Once everyone figures out that they are screwed, then the fun really begins. This is why I hate horror movies. People do stupid shit, brave shit and they always pay for their kindness with their lives. It's such a cheap way to rinse some kind of emotion out of me as a movie viewer. You movie guys forget the sight of zombies eating up normal people is already freaking me out enough.

Damn that reporter (Manuela Velasco) is REALLY cute (and spunky). I hope she doesn't die. I would spoil the ending for you except to remind you to not get attached to anyone in one of these kinds of films. You do so at your own emotional peril. Treat everything like a piece of meat and you will be fine.

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