Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cops - "There are no pants in the vehicle. There are no pants in the vehicle. Over"

There should be some theme music whenever I start a new season of COPS. This is season 11. I have been working backwards. I can only imagine how trippy the earliest episodes are.

I have no fear or shame with my open love affair with this program. It's just goofy sometimes and gives me a whole new respect for anyone in law enforcement, especially first responders. They are a special breed that hold back the barbarians from the gates.

Plus they got at least ONE shirtless hillbilly getting tazed every couple episodes. I can watch that kind of comedy all day long especially when the 'accused' get belligerent and need a fresh charge from the gun.

What I have learned

*The more detailed the story, the more guilty the suspects is.

*Shirtless lunatic trumps any other kind of call, even a car chase with road spikes.

*If they HAVE the dog they will USE the dog.

*The presence of the camera will draw EVERY cop to even the most minor of scenes like a donut shop with a 2 for 1 sale bear claw sale.

*Flash grenade and tazer trumps just tazer any day.

*Sometimes waiting all day to talk down a lunatic IS a good idea and not a waste of everyone's valuable time.

*Disrespecting the female officers is never a winning move.

*I say that you should just shoot any large snake you come across but hey, you are the professionals.

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