Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Call Me Marvel - I Will Write Your Fantastic Four Trilogy For FREE


I have the best idea for a trilogy of Fantastic Four movies that begins with a Cold War scheme and an 'accident' that cause Reed Richards to turn his three closest friends in the world into monsters. There has to be a reckoning for that over the three movies. Each member of the Four has to work out what happened to them in their own way and time. I would love to see the Silver Surfer and Galactus and Doom at the center of all the chaos, challenging the Four that day at every turn throughout the decades.
At the end of the first movie Sue announces she is pregnant and the child is born at the beginning of the sequel set eight years after the first film. The child Franklin is born with incredible powers and his powers fuel the sequel where Franklin's abilities go out of control and a mysterious person from the future arrives to save the day. An older Franklin Richards travels back in time to save his younger self and reality with his own weapon of destruction against Doom who covets the child's powers as he covetted the powers of the Silver Surfer.

Sue become pregnant for the second time in the third movie even after all she went through with her first child, Franklin who is now a well adjusted member of the team. Of course there are once again complications with Sue's pregnancy that Reed cannot understand putting his wife and unborn child at mortal risk.
At the end Reed asks Doom for help to birth his daughter Valeria and Doom is humble enough to accept a challenge that he can forever hold over his enemy's head even though Doom would never allow an innocent child to die just to have the 'win'.



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