Friday, February 22, 2019

Fresh Eggs

Back when I was early into the blog game, a young man named Nick Ward was one of the first people to comment and encourage me. Over the years I am happy to admit that we have become friends. He's the sucessful one if you ever see us together. Proof of that is his new series for NZ TV, FRESH EGGS. It's a brilliantly funny dark story about murder and more murder and killer ponies and of course fresh eggs.

Calvin doesn't lie about three things - cool, cute and comedy. I know funny. And this shit was funny. I am still giggling at one scene everytime I think about it.

This long shot is too funny when you hear the words around this image. Yes that is a grown man running at a wee Shetland pony to brain it with a sledgehammer. Knowing that Nick gave himself this part and this scene makes it an extra special golden moment for me. Don't feel bad for that pony though. It is the demon pony from Hell. Nothing will kill that pony. Except maybe the lead characters who are already stacking up the bodies.

I found his show tonight and laughed at how serious and dark the comedy was but brilliantly so. I just strapped in for the ride and was rewarded with many a belly laugh. But I have to confess that I get Nick's comedy like he gets my captions so maybe I am biased. But damn I laughed.

It even makes racism funny with the word 'chink' being part of an old woman's last words. Genius. And the scene with the old women of the town who 'cater' such town events is so funny because that is EXACTLY the way these alpha bitches are when it comes to who makes the sausage rolls for these affairs. My Mother is one of those women who put on the best Church perogy supper in the business so I know the type.

My FRIEND made this and I so wanted to like it because of that but by the end of the first hour I let out my breath and realized that in spite of the fact that Nick is my brother I would recommend this program regardless. I am amazed it got on network TV even in New Zealand. I have to ask Nick how he fooled those paying the bills into allowing him to make this project. People knew what they were getting and still this show got made. I wish the CBC was this brave. For once I have no idea where this show is going and that is so refreshing. I watched it twice to make sure I caught all the crazy that was going on.

There are only six episodes in Season One and I can't wait until next week to see how more twisted things become. I love this look at NZ through the lens of a crazy person. The world is ready for this kind of program. Good people doing bad things because they ARE good people. They are just very very unlucky and like all humans, you would be surprised at what people will do to keep from being caught for their crimes - like a double homicide by the end of the first hour.

The higher the concept the more full retard you must go on the execution of said concept. That is my only rule for entertainment success and Nick has taken my mantra to heart. The show walks the line between funny and dark and does it with the skill of a Wallenda on the circus high wire.

It proves what I have always said. Fairs, Circuses and the Country are places where bad things happen to nice people. Look for it online. I didn't need my Russian connections to see it. Don't believe me? Read these reviews and look for this one online before it becomes a Netflix sensation.

Fresh eggs Trailer from Eight on Vimeo.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, the trailer certainly looks good!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The pony...that evil little pony. I am still giggling. I am looking forward to Tuesday.

Nick Ward said...

Thanks Cal, I am humbled by your words. You're one of the good ones.