Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Reminder - They Captured Themselves A Big One

I can't believe all the balloon juice the Monterey Bay Aquarium is spreading on their website. They talk of the beauty and magnificence of these ocean monsters instead of seeing their dark side. These aquarists are being played for suckers. Who is studying who in this situation? Is the cephalopod ever really 'captive'? I think you know my answer to those questions. These aquarium numnuts are just playing with fire.

I saw an octopus at an aquarium once. He was only a ten footer. Just a baby of the deep really. As I walked by the tank he LUNGED at the glass. LUNGED! So much so that I jumped from the mass in my peripheral vision. Luckily the glass was thick enough to protect him from me. STUPID tentacled bastard.

Recently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's giant octopus exhibit has been looking a little like a preschool play session. Several days a week, aquarist Adam Frantz has been challenging the two, 11-pound octopuses with balls, jars with hidden treats inside, and plastic mazes. It’s all part of the Aquarium’s “enrichment program” for these inquisitive and intelligent animals.

STOP IT! You are not enriching anything but your own inevitable deaths. One day they will treat your skulls like the jar and your brains like the treat inside those jars.


M. D. Jackson said...

Yeah. Just don't anyone drop a loaded .45 into that tank or it'll be judgment day for all those aquarium employees.

Kal said...

Hell, don't drop a popsicle stick in the tank or they will sharpen themselves a shiv on a nearby piece of coral.

Dr. Theda said...

That is one "pissed off" Octopus

Kal said...

They are ALL angry at the world and us in particular. Don't get me started. lol. Thanks for working your way through my archives Dr Theda. I hope I am entertaining you occassionally.