Sunday, September 27, 2015

Concept Art For Dune By Tarsem Sing

First of all I am going to tell you who Tarsem Singh is. He is a visionary filmmaker of The Fall and The Cell , two movies that I feel are thematically and visually brilliant. Dune already has the greatest story to tell and can support the weird outworldly visuals that Tarsem will bring. I will now beg and cry and pray for this film by him and no one else.

Damn, I just read the article and realized that this is not a movie on the horizon or even related to Tarsem in anyway. That makes me sad. But I do like the concept art and the explanations that go with them. If you are interested follow the link.

I gave in to the siren song of Dune and was dashed upon the rocks like so many concept artists before me. There just isn’t time to render these, but I’m reasonably pleased with the line-work, so here they are!

First some context: I fell into a Dune-hole recently which started by stumbling across the INCREDIBLE art from what would have been Jodorowsky’s Dune film. That inspired me to re-watch the David Lynch movie again (one of my favorites). At that point, I had to read the book again. In the middle of my read-through, I watched a couple Tarsem Singh movies and my brain made a connection that I couldn’t shake loose:

I want a four-hour Dune movie designed by Tarsem Singh’s crew (production designer, art director, costume designer, cinematographer, etc…)

So, in order to get that thought out of my brain, I took a clumsy swing at designing the cast of Dune through the lens of Tarsem Singh’s crew. To me, that meant making each character an operatic or theatrical expression of their role in the story. Visual storytelling cranked to eleven.

Thanks to brother MD Jackson who won't comment on this but he did show me the idea in the first place.

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Tom said...

I have always been fascinated by the visual imagery he uses in his movies. I would love to see him take on Dune or any other Sci-Fi or fantasy film.