Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Return To The Podcast Of Doom - Episode 142 - Prep Notes

This week on the Geek Fallout Podcast the topic is Food Mascots. I picked some good and bad. If you miss the episode here are my talking points. Yes, I did PREP. I am a professional.
Morgan Smith Goodwin is gorgeous and in her commercials she seems to have all kinds of personality. Why can't she be in a sitcom about an actress who makes money doing commercials for a burger place but wants to break out into serious acting. Give her a wacky family and Hollywood humiliation and it will be a huge hate. She can't keep her figure forever with the way she chows down on those double burgers with cheese.

Of all the possible logos for a company that sells fast food. Why not a cute cowboy character? Why a hat that can also be turned over to puke into after enjoying ANYTHING at Arby's. They are the exact reason why I hate curly fries. This is garbage food.

He saved McDonaldland with this strong leadership and ruthless ability to make the tough decisions. Government service isn't always pretty but he made a world people like Ronald and Grimace could call home. You know those two retards wouldn't last two seconds in the real world. And Hamburgler? Come on. Beaten to death with a shovel after his first time in lock-up.

As a child I loved collecting this family of characters. I was amazed that while Poppin' Fresh was off doing commercials, he had an entire family at home complete with children and pets and grandparents. Who knew? Famously I collected the entire group only to trade them away to my sister for her Bionic Woman doll and Lindsay Wagner styling head.

Punchy - Lousy THUG. He deserves to be rapped in prison. There, I have said it.

Chubby Chicken is the worst kind of corporate opportunist. He realized his own goose was cooked so he put on a hat and apron and ushered his chicken buddies into the ovens - literally. All the while he takes the profits from being the spokes chicken for the company. It's evil but genius. If you people tasted any good with a nice bread coating, I might have done the same.

Of course the greatest Food Mascot is Boo Berry - the Peter Laurie of cereal spokescreatures. I love how smooth and cool he always was. The cereal didn't have any kind of distinctive taste but I choose it over the other monster themed cereals every time. Fruit Brute would be my next flavor but they all taste the same. Except for Count Chocula. I am not a fan of chocolate in my cereal.


I just wrote this post to focus my thoughts for once. So if you hear many of these same points don't judge me. I care about doing a good job so preparation is key. I hope enough others show up to make the conversation interesting. I fear I may have joined a sinking ship. I remember how that turned out for Jack and Rose.
We just finished our three person podcast. I thought I did good but I could hear some audio delay which wasn't helped by my butting into conversations. I hope next time we have a much larger team to talk with and with Halloween coming up that will no doubt be the case. But thanks to Chris and Erik. I have been learning a lot about podcasting and if I am learning then I am happy.
I will let you all know when you can hear this episode if the technical difficulties don't force us to scrap the whole thing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, they asked you back for another podcast and now you're bitching about it? WTF, man.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I WANT to do better each time. I want to give them what I have and what I have has to be what they want. It's a delicate thing to get the balance right. I need an audience to laugh at my jokes. Respond in some way so that we are having a conversation. Because then I sound less like a goofball and more like a bon vivant.