Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Damn You 2017. Here We Go Again.

I returned to Canada from Europe in 1978. For five years I basically lived without TV in Germany. That was a good thing from ages 7-12 because it meant I read A LOT. When we returned to Canada I was overwhelmed by 13 channels (Well 11 channels because one was French and Channel 1 was the base station.). I watched everything I could and hated to choose between shows and networks. I especially loved the concept of SYNDICATION which meant that really good shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show was on every weekday. Our whole family gathered around to watch this one because it was a funny comedy. It was well written and had a fantastically real woman at the heart of it. I immediately fell in love with her and her spunk and how she solved her problems with the crazy alpha males and nutcases she was surrounded with. This show more than any other made me feel like I was back in the real world and involved in what was going on in popular culture. Mary Tyler Moore Show was my gateway program and for that gift I am always thankful. So sorry to see her go but our collective memory of her make her immortal. Thanks Mary for all the good times and belly laughs.

I also remember how beautiful she was on the Dick Van Dyke show. That's two of the biggest shows ever to have been on network TV. Much respect for that show as well. What a beauty she was even in black and white.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Her TV character of "Mary Richards" was my role model of how to be a single, successful, independent career woman when I had no other role models. RIP, Mary Tyler Moore.

DrGoat said...

Rest in peace. She was a great person. The kind we seem to be short of today. The Dick Van Dyke Show was a staple in our house.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

She was SO cute in that show...just adorable