Monday, January 23, 2017

But If You Are So Subtle, How Will I EVER Get Your POINT?

Me thinks this sums up the mood perfectly.
So simple even Comrade Trump can understand it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

And at least it's spelled correctly, unlike many of the signs produced by the anti-Obama hillbillies.

DrGoat said...

Methinks it might be photoshopped, but yeah.

david_b said...

Stupidity in the NTH degree. None of these women have ever lived in Middle East societies, this 'Sisterhood of the Shouting Vagina' are both clueless and nutty.

They're only oppressing themselves, for which I add, 'YES, PLEASE GIVE THEM FREE BIRTH CONTROL'..!!

Would pray these numnuts don't ever reproduce.

Whaaat a waste of energy.., I'd laugh more, but my humor perhaps is more high-brow.

Apparently society has now ruled (in one day..), that they'll be oppressed, certainly not during the last 8yrs.

Again, get them out of Starbucks and have 'em travel overseas, they'll be surprised at what actual oppression of the female gender is really like.


Anonymous said...

Idiots all.

jester59388 said...

Ahh neo-conservatives. Do they ever get tired of their "stop bitching about your rights being denied because people overseas have it worse" refrain? Must be hard for the privileged few to type with all that caviar all over their fingers. Oh that's right, their butlers are feeding it to them.

Since when is it "stupid" or "un-American" to protest a fascist government that wants to take away freedoms you already have? Seems to me there was a lot of tea dumped into the Boston Harbor on that principle (just by way of example). And just because they are less oppressed than others, that makes their oppression okay? Seriously? Your Founding Fathers are ashamed of you.