Monday, January 30, 2017

The Expanse Returns This Week

The Expanse was one of the best shows I watched last year. It was interesting and realistic science fiction that also finds the heart and 'character' in all their characters. It was only 10 episodes that left NO time for filler. It's all story and world building here. I really enjoyed Season One so I am excited to see Season Two return this week. From the first couple of minutes I can see they have upped their game to match the high stakes at play here. I love how the Martian combat armor looks routed in reality. The whole show is full of these touches that show that someone has actually given some thought into how this world should look in the future. I am never disappointed in the choices that are made. Fascinating stuff. Trust me. This is one you want to get into but first go back and see what you missed. Season Two will be waiting for you when you are done. Please SYFY, don't fuck this up.

Oh and if you need to catch up even faster the kitties are here to help.

And of course the MAKING of The Expanse with Kitties.

I also like this short featurette featuring Adam Savage of Mythbusters that goes into the science behind the science fiction.



SyFy creates some great stuff

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

a lot of crap but yes, some great stuff. Stargate Universe and DUNE and CHILDREN OF DUNE come to mind.


where can I watch the first two episodes ?

DrGoat said...

Amazon prime I think. Either that or Netflix streaming.


OK but I am a cheap charlie

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

you can download the show in minutes. The mechanism is there to watch EVERYHING you ever wanted but NO, you guys have to have your ethics. Well sorry. I have given precious hours of my time to bad or disappointing movies for years so I am not feeling bad about watching my shows COMMERCIAL FREE.

And I saw that with peace and love. BIT TORRENT is a beautiful thing. Thank you Entertainment Weekly