Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Deadly Childhoods

Does anyone out there remember a time when our parents seemed to be trying to kill us? They put us on bikes without helmets and allowed us to roller skate without elbow pants, knee pads, mouthgaurds, wrist protection and double re-inforced head protection.

However, their most brutal plan was to buy us a little lawn game called 'JARTS' or as we kids called them 'Jugular Darts' since that part of your opponents anatomy that got you the most points. In the few years since it's original inception more kids were hurt or killed by this toy than with any other child's game.

I remember when these got banned. It didn't matter to us. We just found a new dart game to play. You would toss one of those small needle darts like found in bars up in the air and run around hoping it would hit the ground and not you. We couldn't look up because it could end up in your eye which was the WORST possible consequence we could think of. I took one in the arm once which only made me run around like a crazy chicken anyways. Had a buddy who took one right in the middle of his skull. That was funny actually.


Wings1295 said...

Funny the things we were allowed to play with, back in the day!

vancouver mark said...

Loved lawn darts!!

The highlight of every family picnic, and never even one fatality.

Can't we all just sign waivers or something so we can bring them back?