Thursday, January 28, 2010

Save The Bee - Save Us All

It's know to all of you that I have many many connections throughout the world especially among animal royalty who meet once a year at Neushawnstein Castle near Munich. We discuss issues related to the animal kingdom.

This year I was there to especially support the Queen Bee in her interest to advance discussion about the reasons for huge loses and deaths in the bee populations. Many look to the cellphone technology and the electrical vibrations that they create that is possilble mssing up the delicate biolelectric fight line that the bees use to navigate.

The truth is that we have evidence that due to the ability of the bee to detect the gentle hum of alien aircraft as they enter or atmosphere that they ave been declared a real threat to the 'greys'. Such aliens shine like a beacon to our bee brothers and once we are able to complete our communication systym we too will be able to spot them and eliminatte them at will.

We support support all efforts by the queen bee to further advance training and technlology to complete these goals.


Wings1295 said...

Reminds me of the bee-dude from Romper Room, wasn't it?

TS Hendrik said...

Me and the bees gots that special connection. I know they bee worrying. I'm doing what I can. Nashville TN doesn't really have a decline in bee population. I happen to live in the area. Coincidence? I think not.