Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loved Me That Midnight Special

I used to attend my Air Cadet parades on Friday nights as a teenager. Afterwards me and my buddies would buy a big box of donuts and go to someones house just in time watch the Midnight Special. It was THE showcase for the coolest and hottest music of the times. No lip syncing or auto tune for these performers.

There were very few programs focusing on popular music at the time aside from American Bandstand. In fact, the very first mini-music movies, that have since been called music videos, often premiered on the Midnight Special. I first saw Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody video on that program and knew that I was seeing the future.

Kelly got me thinking about the Bee Gees today so I dragged up the old record player to enjoy the 2 album set of all their greatest hits. Good old school memories. I wish I had some Pac Man to play with a large orange soda, some jail bait and a slice of greasy pizza to properly set the mood.

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