Thursday, May 24, 2012

Australian Pirate Patrol

Finally a fresh new policing concept for me to enjoy as a reality television series. Are there enough trouble with pirates in the waters around Australia to justify such a unit? I would think how embarrassing it would be if you went out looking for pirates and found nothing but tanned surfers. At least 'Deadliest Catch' can guarantee showing you at least one caught crab an episode. I want the same pirate count to keep me interested.

Okay, I was wrong. These are members of the Australian Navy but they patrol the waters of the Persian Gulf, prime modern pirate hunting grounds. I was hoping these mini-terrorists the Navy hunts would at least dress like pirates with eye patches and parrots but apparently these ones have no pride in their appearance and just wear t-shirts festooned with corporate logos.

It was all a big letdown. The criminals were all just scumbag smugglers and human traffickers. Not a salty sea dog in the bunch.

I am happy to know that water parks like the one pictured below can now be enjoyed pirate-free, however. Nothing ruins a good day out with the kids like seeing the Jolly Roger over the horizon.

We never see shows like this on US Television. American TV doesn't seem to want to draw too much attention to the fact that many of their young people are still fighting in foreign wars. That is a mistake. Their contributions should be celebrated so that people know the sacrificed involved in war.

This is a great tribute to the hard work of good people doing an often thankless but vital job. I knew I walked away with a greater respect for way these sailors are trained to react in dangerous situations and I come from a military family. I know the truth of being a soldier's son.

The contributions of women in a truly integrated force are also highlighted. There doesn't seem to be an activity they are restricted from doing in the mission.


The show is also chock full of technical information that demonstrate how exactly such a vessels works and how it is able to police an area as vast as the Persian Gulf. I love that kind of geek stuff but one would expect no less from National Geographic.

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