Monday, February 25, 2013


It appears that my Yahoo mail account was hacked and was sending out spam against my will. If you get something from me that doesn't sound like it would come from me or is not accompanied by personal text then please just delete. I think fixed the problem but who knows with this stupid computer world. Thanks for those that let me know of the problem.

My Unlimited Love




M. D. Jackson said...

And I though you were sending me coded messages. I was all set to mail you the peanut butter and sardines I though you were asking for.

Kal said...

you mean the chocolate covered ones I love? Damn, should have just kept my mouth shut.

DrGoat said...

I think I got one. Luckily, the site it was directing me to got such a low reading on the safe meter (0 safe), I knew it was one of those sites you don't even want to get near. Sorry you got hit.

Unknown said...

Well, that explains why you never wrote me back. </3