Saturday, February 23, 2013

What? It Could Happen.

Bob is used to fixing buildings, but not himself. He is broken emotionally until he meets the one man that can help him: Dr. Phil.

Unless in a fit of rage, Bob takes one of the tools and his belt and uses it to kill Dr. Phil. Then, with all the access to diggers and construction sites that Bob has, he can easily be rid of the body. In a few weeks the police have declared they have run out of suspects, the Dr. Phil show is cancelled and people and calm once again return to the land.

Then three months later the town opens the ironically titled - Dr. Phil Medical Center - which is a facility that actually has some of the good Dr. worked into the cement beams holding up the second floor.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're a Dr. Phil fan too, I see. My Rare One LOVES him. His goddamn show would be on 24/7 if she had her way.

Kal said...

Oh he gets on my nerves. Especially the time he had Dina Lohan and didn't rip into her like he should have. I think he is a fraud.