Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days Of Halloween - More From The Ben Cooper Costume Collection

Thanks again to Brother Mike for sending me this great collection of Ben Cooper Halloween costumes. I have always been obsessed with the outfits this company made. When I was a kid doing my trick or treating, they were the only came in town unless you made your costume yourself.

I always avoided these because as a comic book reader I was offended that they make no attempt at replicating the TRUE costume of the hero but instead prefer to make the costume into some kind of advertising for the character that the mask portrayed. For example, people will figure out who Doctor Strange is without him having to wear his name on his costume.

They also were poorly made and were not meant to last more than one wearing on one night of the year. For that reason the vintage ones are highly collectible. Anything that came out of the package usually ended up in the trash the next day.




Mike D. said...

I would display the Kong costume in a shadow box.

Bob/Sally said...

Ha! I remember those cheap masks and apron costumes from when I was a kid.

I hated them.

I wanted real costumes (and real powers, but that's a whole other story).