Thursday, October 24, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool - Assassin's Creed III Action Figures From Ubisoft And McFarlane Toys

I don't play the video game but I love the look of it. American Revolution era assassin figures with highly detailed sculps and multiple accessories. How can I hate it. Great design work is my passion. They were made by McFarlane Toys which has a reputation for highly detailed paintjobs and sculpting. They really are beautiful figures.

I have the Connor, Nathan Kenway and Ratonhnake:ton figures. I love how they are boxed in a tight package that just barely contains the figure. Basically half the size of regular packaging and I like how they display together for that very fact. I have a perfect small spot on my wall that will fit all three. There are several Pirate themed characters in the next line that I think I will also reserve from my go-to toy store in Montreal - Legends Action Figures. Buddy saves me up a bunch of figures and sends me a large box across Canada for NINE DOLLARS shipping cost. So get used to seeing me brag about the newest additions to my Collection of Cool all day today.


Naytham Kenway





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