Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Is Why Hate Target

I can't believe I actually went to Target last night hoping I could find a new Monster High figure from the new Superhero line of dolls. These are exclusive to Target. Why not make them exclusive to Toys R Us? They at least know how to show off their toys. Not so Target. The selection was not only pitiful but all the toys were tossed around like it was some kid's room. I felt dirty just being in that aisle. After rummaging and making the pile worse I actually found a figure I wanted.

Frankie Stein as the Superhero Voltageous.

She come with her own superhero comic book.
(click to enlarge if you read Portuguese)




Unknown said...

Really! Gurl Toyz
Grow Sum BALLZ
You Have Em You Canadian

Kal said...

Your life has no joy, Lisa.

Mike D. said...

I saw my little pony toys. They changed them into human like fashion dolls. WTF is going on these days?

Kal said...

All posers. The Monster High Dolls are the real deal. Check out Ebay and Amazon for the prices they charge for figures I bought months ago. You have to get them when they first come out because the secondary market it getting nuts.