Friday, August 28, 2015

TV Times - Project Runway

Project Runway is still one of the best shows on TV after 14 cycles. It's the one reality show where a person actually has to produced and get judged week after week. It's an insane competition but a rare one. Tim Gunn is a great mentor and teacher and I can't wait for his rumored freak out this season. He is usually so calm and his critiques are always constructive. But this year he yells for the first tine when he finds the designers are slacking off.

I love this point in the season when everyone is so full of self-doubt. They are all talented people but unless they BELIEVE they are talented they are lost. It's like being the ONE in the Matrix. You aren't the ONE until you believe you are the ONE.

I am a person who loves the design process. I like watching things go from beginning to finished product on the runway. I like seeing how the work is evaluation by experts in fashion. There is no favoritism. It's the WORK that always must speak for itself and that is refreshing. Plus I can't get enough of the cattiness of the designers.

I also need to admit that I do have a deep love for Heidi Klumm. I remember her as a young model in the Germany when I was a kid. She was my first Supermodel. She takes the whole process very seriously. This show is her baby and she doesn't want anyone is fashion doubting that she is looking for designers who will have a REAL impact on fashion. It's not like American Idol where everything is a popularity contest. You have to show judges who are bathed in fashion daily something fresh and new.


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